About the Artist

A little over forty years ago some friends and I decided to try to save the earth by buying as much of it as we could.  We found a wonderful old 500 acre farm that had been abandoned in 1946, before the use of pesticides.  We incorporated as Sweetwater Community Land Trust, dedicated to stewardship of the land.  We invited some more friends to join us, and spent the next twenty years on the ragged edge of bankruptcy working at strange and interesting jobs (I spent several years in the Gulf of Mexico oilfields as a ship’s cook) to pay off the mortgage.  I opened the pottery in 1984, wondering if it was possible to make a living doing what I loved.


Imagine my surprise when I was successful!!  The huge 90 cubic foot downdraft gas kiln that I bought standing in New Orleans, took apart to bricks and reassembled at Sweetwater with the help of some potter friends, actually worked.  At first, it was a tiny studio, an old carriage shed(200sq ft) that I insulated and floored but I soon realized that I needed more space.  There wasn’t even have room for all my equipment, let alone all the pots I wanted to make.  We built a larger studio room (1000 sq ft) onto the old shed out of largely recycled materials and I settled into my new life as a studio potter.

I’ve  been traveling for years to sell my pottery and have loved the romance of the road but as I get older I want to stay home more and just make pots.   And play with my grandchildren.  Hence the website….

Enjoy the pictures, look at what I keep in stock.  If you’ve seen me somewhere you know that this is just a small part of what I make .  I love special commissions.  If you want something you don’t see get in touch with me and we’ll talk.  If you can draw it I can probably make it.

Anything your heart desires………..